Valais : the touristic region

The canton of Valais is in the south-east part of Switzerland, in the French-speaking part. This part is well-known for its sunshine and its traditions.

Valais nestles in the heart of the Alps, in the Rhone valley.

The local products are the raclette, the fondue, wine, dry meat, the serac, the tomme, the mountain pasture cheese  and a lot of other culinary specialties that will tickle your taste buds.

In this canton, cows are  "queens". In spring time, gatherings of cows and their owner are organised in the four corners of the canton. Cows fight against one another until the winner is elected, "queen" for one year.

Location : Switzerland

Capital : Sion

Municipalities : 143

Districts : 13

Officiel languages : French / German

Population : 298?580 inhab.

Area : 5'224.5 km2